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yaqoot stone

Yaqoot Stone the Origional Gemstone

Yaqoot stone the origional gemstone

Yaqoot stone is among the precious and rare stones mentioned together with diamond, emerald and sapphire, which are among the precious stones in the red color scale. Here is what you need to know about the origional yaqoot stone.One more thing thar Yaqoot is also known as Ruby in English,So when we term some where in the artilce with Ruby then understand it is a same thing.

Yaqoot is also known as the lord of precious stones. Although it is mined in America and Europe, India and South Asia are its homeland.


Yaqoot stone, believed to bring luck, has been among the most used stones in jewelry since ancient times. It is very difficult to distinguish the real ruby yaqoot stone from the fake. However, if these stones are examined very carefully, it will be understood whether they are real or not. Benefits of ruby(yaqootstone) when examined, it must have three energies. These stones are symbols of love, success and wealth. Yaqoot is also known as the luck stone since ancient times. At the same time, this stone gives the person peace, happiness and confidence.

Benefits of Wearing Yaqoot 

Yaqoot stone regulates blood circulation and is good for the immune system. It helps you get out of negative feelings. It allows you to have strong intuition and focus your attention on one point. This stone was also used against plague and poisoning in ancient times. These stones make people feel better. Many people who want to live a healthy, happy, and peaceful life prefer to use these stones known for their benefits in their jewelry.

How to identify original yaqoot stone?

This basically very tough task to check real yaqoot stone.Yaqoot is a stone in red and overall tones in color. Yaqoot Gemstone, the hardest gemstone after diamond, is the second most expensive stone to sell because of its rarity. Some are made synthetically by non-natural people. These are very cheap. But it is tough to separate them from the real thing. 

Yaqoot stones, which have similar properties to the natural ones, are only noticeable with microscopic bubbles and cavities. If you want to have a reliable Yaqoot stone, you need to shop from trustworthy sites.For detail information to know about how to check original yaqoot stone then watch this video below.

Types of yaqoot stone

There are five types of origional yaqoot stone

  • Anari yaqoot stone

Anari yaqoot stone is the type of yaqoot with attractive red colour.This type is very popular in Pakistan ,India and overall south asia.The price is also higher due to its rare presence.

  • Bahremani yaqoot stone

Bahremani is the second type of yaqoot stone. Its color is light red like the color of the asfur Flower. There is no flaw in the color.Behremani is  similar to the color of rosemary.

  • Fellow yaqoot stone

Fellow yaqoot stone is the third type of yaqoot crystall. This type of stone is in demand among Jews and Rumites. It is precious, taluable. According to Tifashi, this type of origional stone is in three dasses. Its color is similar to the color of the leaf of the safflower flower It is in citrus color. It is similar to the color of victory.

  • Ezrak yaqoot stone

Ezrak is the fourth kind.Its color is similar to peacock.Because its color is similar to navy blue. Its color is similar to the color of the sky.They separate yaqoot from crystal in two ways.  The other ruby is hard, untouchable; the crystal is soft.

  • White yaqoot

The fifth type is white yaqoot.This is a white in colour. It is more than white, has a lot of water and shine. Its value is less than other classes.The useless yaqoot is the yellow one, which is close to white. In short, the badness of this stone is determined by its colour, attributes, shape, appearance and the presence


Yaqoot stone Prices

Ruby(Yaqoot) is a precious stone used in necklaces, rings and bracelets. The average price per gram of pure yaqoot-ruby stone is around 900 TL. Since this stone is usually sold in dollars, the price increases significantly in direct proportion to the dollar. Lower value rubies are generally used in silver and gold jewelry. According to the stone and precious metal value, everyone can find jewelry types suitable for their budget.

  • Yaqoot stone price in pakistan

In Pakistan there is too much demand of Gemstones.All gemstone are expensive .The other thing is that people buy accessories made of the origional yaqoot stone rather than the crystal.Usually the prices ranges from RS 3000 to Rs 100000.

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Accessories Made with Pure Yaqoot Stone

Rosary models made of cyrstal yaqoot stone grains also attract great attention. The price of the  stone yaqoot varies according to the quality, authenticity and processing of the mineral. You can complement the  stone, which is in red and burgundy colors, with your stylish clothes. Ruby is a hard gemstone used in the most elegant and elegant jewelry. This stone, also known as the luck stone, is highly preferred because it protects it from available features and negativities.

Considerations When Using Ruby yaqoot Stone

Ruby (yaqoot) is a very hard stone due to its structure. Therefore, it is a stone resistant to impacts. If you are going to wear a necklace or earrings with a ruby  stone, you should not forget that perfumes, sprays and make-up materials may cause a decrease in the brightness of the Ruby stone. When using these stones, you must be careful not to let the chemical substances contact the stone not to lose its properties.

How to Clean Yaqoot Stone(Ruby stone)?

Sparkling water and toothbrush can cause the structure of the origional yaqoot stone to deteriorate. For this reason, it is recommended to wash this stone with plenty of clear water for easy cleaning. Although it has a hard structure, jewelry made with yaqoot should not be stored next to other jewelry so that its metal is not damaged or scratched.

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