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winter in Ghizer Valley

Winters in Ghizer valley

Winters in Ghizer Valley

Pakistan is amongst the countries where people experience the four-season, unlike other countries, i.e., Uganda, where you experience only the same kinds of weather. Ghizer valley, along with other parts of Pakistan, has four seasons: summer, spring, autumn, and winter. Summer, spring, and autumn are considered normal in terms of living. But, in summer, people in valleys engage in fieldwork, i.e., farming, cultivation, or cutting. In this very sense, winter is a blessing for those who worked hard in fields. As the weather in winter is too harsh, people had managed to fight against the challenging conditions, as it said that ” necessity is the mother of all sciences.” People of the Ghizer valley, for centuries, had a unique tradition towards winters. They slaughter animals, mainly goats, yarks, or cows. This tradition is known as Nasalo. Meat is an excellent source to fight against cold weather. Almost every household participate in this tradition. In winters, the use of meat is comparatively high between Indus and the Oxus. People in Ghizer valley go to neighboring houses or relatives at night. This tradition is known as Chalow .In chalow, they are served with meat and dry fruits. This is a unique and beautiful tradition of the region. They talk and laugh late at night then come back there homes. It resembles the culture Pashtoon culture of hujra in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region- in the sense of gatherings. Wood is the most used tool for heating and cooking purposes. LNG gas is also used for this purpose, but due to inflation and high rates. Unlike another provinces, Gilgit Baltistan is deprived of gas connection. As, is it the primary concern of the people?


Moreover, it would help preserve deforestation. We have heard more about the easy excess of grass from the neighboring country – Tajikistan. That is only 50 to 70 kilometers from the Immit border of Ishkoman valley. I consider it is only a rumor because it is not a discussion at the state level. Iran-Pakistan pipeline was a project signed in the people’s party regime but was never completed due to geopolitics. As America’s monopoly and influence, we can’t finish this project and now OK in liable on our sides. A ray of hope is also shinning in the name of the Turkaminista-Afghanistan-Pakistan pipeline. If this project is completed in due time, then we can would be benefitted in one way or another. Having said that, natural gas is the dive need of the people of the whole region. Due to changes in living standards of the people, winter is promising some entertainment nowadays. Winter tourism is flourishing in the area. From 4 to 5 years, khalti frozen lake is a winter sport for the people. It is gaining popularity day by day. Young people along with families participate in this festival. It is a potential area in terms of winter sports for the valley. Lives in the upper part of Ghizer valley still need government help and support. They are struggling too hard for the sake of survival. Government has to feel the pain and take measures to ease their lives. The people of upper Ghizer are far-flung and deprived of basic needs i.e., fire, water, and in some cases, shelter.

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