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original topaz gemstone

Topaz stone-The original gemstone

Topaz stone is a very pure gemstone

Topaz stone is a crystal that expresses the principles of truth and tolerance. It is a symbol of chastity, happiness, true friendship and hope. He believes it helps us find our true purpose and destiny in life. The topaz crystal is also known to have the power to make us more aware of our thoughts, feelings, actions, and their fatal effects. and as such; It is able to activate our .awareness and our cosmic awareness

The naming of the topaz is not clear. It could be named after an island in the Red Sea, once called Topazos, where the gemstone was said to have been found, or it may derive from the Sanskrit word tapaz for “shining” and “fire”.

By removing stagnant energy, topaz directs the body’s energy to the places where it is most needed. Topaz’s healing abilities are associated with both spiritual and physical renewal. It relieves human tension and enhances .feelings of joy and happiness

Occurrence of topaz

In the 18th century the worm stone rock in Saxony was the most famous topaz deposit and the only topaz rock in Europe. Today, the most important topaz supplier worldwide is Brazil, although the gemstone could also be mined in other countries, including Germany. There are also deposits in Australia, Asia, Africa and Russia. The coveted blue topazes can also be found in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England.

Properties of Topaz stone

This stone is made of silicate material made of aluminum, silicon and luorine. It crystallizes within a group (rhombic) of crystals and often ends in pyramidal shapes. The name topaz, it is believed, comes from the Greek word for one of the ancient islands of the Red Sea – Topazios, which is .famous for the yellow stones mined there.Topaz gemstones are also often referred to as Saxon diamonds or snail stones. Mineral group The topaz belongs to its own gemstone group, which has a large variety of colors. Color The topaz exists in very different colors – from colorless to yellow, brown, green, red, violet to blue. The blue topaz is one of the most coveted gemstones. Special feature Some topaz gemstones are pleochroic, meaning they show different colors when viewed from different angles

The enchanting color spectrum

The variety of colors of topaz ranges from blue to violet, red, light yellow, yellow-brown to colorless. The topaz owes its richness of color to the different oxidation states of iron or chromium in the pink or reddish varieties. Topaz tends to be a lighter color, but most commonly topaz is yellow with a reddish tinge. Often these gems are modified by a special treatment. Particularly beautiful colors come to the fore. This happens, for example, when irradiated with electron beams, which provoke a greenish brown, or by heating, which brings out a special blue or red

Quality factors

The topaz belongs to the silicates and comes in the colors blue, violet, red, light yellow, yellow-brown and also colorless. It owes its richness of color to the different oxidation states of iron and chromium. Topaz tends to be a lighter color – most commonly yellow with a reddish tinge. Often topazes are modified by a special treatment. Particularly beautiful colors come to the fore.
Topaz is a very pure gemstone with no inclusions.
Carat is a unit of measurement for the weight of a gemstone. A carat (ct) is 0.2 grams. The more a gemstone weighs, the more valuable it is. However, the carat weight alone is not decisive for the value. Other factors such as colour, purity and cut also play a decisive role.
The cuts for processing gemstones in topaz range from step and scissor cuts to brilliant cuts. These types of cuts cause the topaz to shine and sparkle particularly well

Types of topaz stone

Natural topaz exists in several types that are classified based on its phenotypic properties and the impurities in it. Here are the types of topaz :as follows

1-Imperial topaz 

Imperial topaz is one of the rarest and most expensive types of topaz that occurs naturally in shades of yellow to orange with shades of red. As a result of its striking color, imperial topaz has become extremely popular .and in great demand among jewelry lovers all over the world

2-Sherry topaz

Sherry topaz is named after sherry wine and ranges in color from yellowish brown and yellowish brown to orange. Many dealers refer to this gemstone as a precious topaz. This helps traders distinguish cherry topaz from .similar, less expensive gemstones such as citrine and smoky quartz

 3-Blue topaz

This blue topaz natural stone rosary is produced by specially selected from the most beautiful tones of blue topaz stone. The tassel, imams and braces of this blue topaz stone rosary are in a model and design that you cannot find anywhere else, and these blue topaz stone rosaries are produced in the model designed by our company. In addition to the original natural stones in our products, some ornamental prayer beads are used in order to increase their aesthetics and the aesthetic appearance of the products has been increased. These apparatus used are made of 925 Sterling first quality silver

Special topazes

The most desirable

The most desirable and valuable topaz gemstones are rose to reddish orange.

The biggest

The largest topaz ever found weighs 271 kilograms. Another very large topaz is found as a jewel in the Portuguese crown and weighs 1680 carats. Long thought to be a real diamond, this is why this topaz Braganza diamond is called. The heaviest blue topaz ever cut weighs 4.2 kilograms.

It is extracted in many different countries, including Brazil, Germany, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, the USA and Nigeria.

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