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Raw Sapphire Stone

Sapphire (Neelam stone) 

The sapphire(Neelam stone) – its purity and its cut
In general, a sapphire is considered to be of high quality if it is highly transparent and therefore sparkles enchantingly. An exception, however, is clouded gemstones, which have unusual optical effects such as chatoyance or asterisms.
The type of cut chosen for a sapphire largely depends on its purity. Light-flooded and translucent gemstones are faceted to emphasize brilliance, while a star sapphire is at its best with a smooth, convex surface.
Individual sapphire jewelery at RENÉSIM
Sapphire is a particularly popular gemstone. At RENÉSIM you will find a variety of pieces of jewelry with sapphires in a wide variety of colors, such as the earrings from our elegant Romance collection or the popular Prague ring with a deep blue sapphire.

However, we would also be happy to help you create your dream piece of jewelery with a sapphire in the color of your choice. In our large selection of loose gemstones you are sure to find a sapphire in your favorite color and your preferred cut shape – whether pear, antique, heart or emerald cut. If you still haven’t found the right gemstone, please feel free to contact us. We go in search of your personal jewel.

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