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Modori Fort Dalsandi Yaseen

A Complete Story of Modori Fort Sandi Yaseen Valley

Modori Fort is located at the confluence of Asumbar and Qorqolti at the end of Sandi Yaseen valley, at a height of one and a half hundred meters, consisting of a rocky and rugged rock which corresponds to the fort of Alamut in terms of its defensive structure. Who had the privilege of being invincible of his time, but when the ugly Lanka of the house is demolished, the gates are helpless, the steel walls are also a wall of sand.

Today I am sitting on the ruins and rocks of Modori who have seen the ups and downs of the times up close. They are familiar with the good and bad days of the times. Eyewitness to the innocent blood that was shed by one’s own people for the sake of others.

January’s chilly, rustling icy winds also feel the heat. For a person with an aesthetic sense, a magical and legendary place where time stops, the rotations stop, during grief, and all the struggles of life lose their existence. It seems that all the philosophies of annihilation and survival are useless here. Sitting here, a person can feel the pain of the past with the help of imagination and imagination

The faint whispers on this quiet rock include the screams of children, the sobs of women, the last hiccups of the dead, the clangs of swords, the howls of horses, the laughter of the conqueror and the decades of conquest. The shadows dance on these innocent martyrs in the gusts of wind coming from the nearby mountains.

Heartbreaking incident of Modori Fort

There is neither present nor past nor future. Here all the times are confused and merge into corpses. Here comes the festival of ideas. Immersed in the world of these ideas, I felt that fog spreads in all directions and some invisible things are seen. Time goes back very fast. Running, I too, barefoot in pursuit of these shadows, get lost in the fog of the reverse past. I enter this turbulent time on the strength of my imagination. Surrounded by all the restraints of solitude and solitude, escaping from prejudice, I find sparks in the history of Modori incident, then it becomes associated with the story of oppression, my hair stands on end. I get entangled in solving these confusions and confusions. How to find the strings of truth? Separating lies and truth becomes a disease of life for me. I wish ! If I had, I would have presented the bitterness of the past as a lioness.

Gohar  Aman’s Role

When the fog clears, what I see is the time of 1860 when Gohar Aman, after 23 years of domination of his great empire, was buried in a peacock after 51 years of death. This great king who had crushed the power and pride of Dogra government Dogra Rajdahni is happier. Even more so are the marriages celebrated by the so-called local kings who were looking for an opportunity to lure the feudal lords and humiliate each other and the happiness of the people who were persecuted by Gohar Aman does not last long. In the court of Maharaja Kashmir-Ranbir Singh who wants to settle the account of the wounds, wow guru. The calves of those who chanted the slogan “So Nihal” are opened. The goddess of fortune is kind to them. Some local kings Asa Bahadur, Azmat Shah, who had taken refuge in Swat, fell at the feet of the Maharaja of Kashmir, laden with gifts, and returned to the snatched manors of Gohar Aman. It takes three months to convince them to take it and get rid of it Zorawar Singh led by Asi Bahadur, Azmat Shah, Abdul Samad Khan, Wazir Rozi Khan, Saif Ali and 4,000 Kalashkars stay in Astor for a month. As soon as the conditions are favorable, they reach Gilgit with more reinforcements from Bunji, burning in the fire of revenge. At that time, Malik Aman (Matam Tham) was Brahman on the throne of Yasin. They go to Chitral with their close relatives of the heavy Lashkar-e-Kasan and thousands of helpless people of Yasin are left unattended. Then “Raja Dariman” and “Mehri Beagle” take command of the fort

Seeing the fort and hearing of Malik Aman’s escape, the enemies become helpless. After a few days of siege, they find some snakes in their sleeves and lure some special servants to tame them.I saw the characters like Arsala Khan, Nowruz and Abdullah up close who are being shown the dream of the future. Those who were aware of the secret routes to the fort, the underground water tunnel is captured at their behest. From here Doomsday is apparently the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power the door is opened by their conspiracy

The united forces go to the fort with their relatives.Before the soup at the door of the nation: “A young man named Miss sacrifices his head in the homeland.I am a shrewd warrior and general “Raja Doriman”Fighting valiantly with his two sons, Jam is martyred. I see the never-to-be-lost swordsman and wrestler “Mehri Beagle” defeated by death. His decapitated body is lying on the ground and The head is beheaded and kept for the court of the Maharaja of Kashmir.I move forward and see what happens. Mirzaman and Mirwail Sharifi are fighting with great bravery. One loses his leg and the other loses his life.

Origionally written by Adnan Ali in Urdu which is translated into English

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