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khalti lake Ghizer

Khalti lake Ghizer

All you need to know about Khalti Lake Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan


Like many other lakes in Gilgit Baltistan,Khalti Lake formed due to natural disasters. On 25 July 1979, the flood erupted from Jondrot Nala , blocked the Chitral Ghizer river, and little by little small villages were submerged, the water began to accumulate, and the lake was formed. Many local people lost their lives, homes, lands, trees, animals and properties. In summer, the houses and trees under the water look clear when the sky gets clear.


khalti lake

khalti lake location,lenth,width and depth

Khalti Lake is located in Khalti Village of Gupis-Yasin District (Gilgit-Baltistan), Pakistan, at about 2,217 meters (7,274 ft) above sea level. Khalti lake is situated in the town of Gupis in Ghizer valley.It is located around 120 kilometers from Gilgit city on Gilgit-Chitral Road. The length is 2,354 m (7,723 ft) and width is 460 m ,depth 24 m

Why is Khalti Lake Popular?

This is one of the top tourist destinations in Ghizer valley. During the summer, it is a source of fresh water; in winter, the lake turns into an ice hockey playground. In addition, it is easily accessible; it is on Gilgit Shandoor road, so people from the immediate area prefer to come here.

Sports festivals on Khati lake

It is utilized to organize winter sports festivals when the temperature touches 10 to 15 degrees below freezing point, sports festivals are organized, and local players come together for an adventurous, if not extreme, game of ice hockey.

How to get to khalti lake

It takes almost 4 hours from Gilgit city to reach the lake by car. The lake is located on the main road, so it can be easily accessible to old people. The lake is surrounded by mountains of Hindu kush range, which makes the view more beautiful. The place is famous for its peace and silence. One can hear the sound of birds. One can enjoy boating and fishing in the summer season, while in winter, the lake is frozen. Visit this lake is highly recommended; one would remember this place for a long time.You can also travel by local transport service from punial road gilgit and they take fare of 700 to khalti from Gilgit City.

Khalti Lake

Best time to visit Khalti Lake

It is the best tourist destination you can visit there any time. In summer, April to October, the greenery and blue-coloured Khalti lake will amaze you, and in winter, if you love ice hockey, skiing and any other ice games, then it is the best time to visit between December and March. In autumn, the valley also becomes very beautiful with the yellowish colours of leaves and trees.

Hotels near Khalti Lake

There are many small hotels available near Khalti lake.PTDC hotel is one of the good hotels in Khalti where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner and stay for the night. As Khalti is just 5 km from Gupis Bazar, you can also avail of any good hotel in Gupis.

Tour Packages to Khalti Lake

Ghizer Valley offers Tour Packages to Khalti Lake, Yasin valley, Phander valley, Gupis valley, and Ishkoman valley from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Faisalabad.

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