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Gupis Valley Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan

A complete travel guide to Gupis Valley Ghizer Gilgit Baltitan Pakistan

After crossing the beautiful headquarter of the Ghizer district of Gilgit Baltistan via Ghizer Chitral road, you will enter the Gupis Valley.  You will drive by a river for 45 minutes from Ghakuch and enter Gupis valley. Yangal is the first village of Gupis valley. Next to it we have  Raoshan, Center Gupis, Yungal, Sumal, Hakkis, Jindrote, Dahimal, pingaal, and Khasundar, Khalti and Hamardas. Gupis suspension bridge is the endpoint towards Yasin valley and Shandur passes towards Chitral. Center Gupis is the commercial center of Gupis Valley, where there are shops, hospitals, schools, colleges, banks, and hotels.

gupis valley

Best time to visit Gupis Valley

The best time to visit Gupis Valley is in April – September. In these months the average daytime temperature remains below 20 degrees centigrade. so it is the perfect time to visit Gupis Valley because fruits, fresh vegetables, and trout fish are easily available in these months.  However, out of this time, you will face cold and harsh weather too and, the nights are cooler than the days.

time to visit gupis

How to Reach to Gupis Valley

From Gilgit to Gupis

A local Hiece service is the best option. You have to book a ticket from near Gahdi bagh under the bridge known as Shajee Ada on river view road or from Ishkoman Ada Puniyal road near Muhamadi mosque Gahdi bagh. Vehicles leave every hour between 10 am to 5 pm. The ticket costs just 350 rupees. Once you are on the Hiace van, it takes 2 hours to reach Gahkuch, and there you have rest for tea, and then the journey again begins, and after 45-1 hour you will get central Gupis. So it takes almost 3 hours to reach Yasin by local transport. But in return to Gilgit, the vehicles are leaving early at 8 am. So you have also take care of it return.

Where to stay in Gupis Valley

In Gupis Valley, there are many hotels and Guesthouses you can easily find accommodation over there. But all these hotels and guest houses have limited resources but are budget-friendly, and the food they are serving is fresh, healthy, and full of nutrition’s. The cost may vary with the demand of tourists.

Budget of hotels in Gupis Valley

K Town Rooms Khalti Lake


It is situated at Plot#22F, Ghizer, Shandur –Gilgit Rd, Gupis . Its features include city view, free Wi-Fi, and free private parking, located in Minasar.  It offers the activities like cycling, hiking, skiing, Fishing, walking tours. The rooms are clean, with air conditioning system, and have attached washrooms Rs 3150 (without food).

PTDC Motel

It is a beautiful restaurant near the  Khalti Lake. It is nice place to stay overnight. It can facilitate the tourists. Staff is trained and extremely helpful. Rooms and washrooms are cleaned and has all the basic customer’s required facilities.

Ghizer Blossom Inn Hotel

Face book page # https://ghizerblossominn.com/

contact- +92 58144 55131

It is one of the super hotels in Gupis is 43 km away from Ghakuch situated near Gupis ground. It has airy and clean rooms and all customer required facilities. Rooms price range is 5000-8000 PKR.

ghizer bloosom inn hotel

Things to do in Gupis Ghizer

There are many places to visit in Gupis Valley.

Go to Gupis Fort

This fort was built by British colonizers in 1805. It is situated head east on Gilgit- Chitral Road near Fauji Foundation Medical Centers Gupis. The military once used this fort for defense purposes. The fort has residential rooms, stores, poison cells, and offices, surrounded by a wall built for defense against attack.

Khalti Lake

It is located in Khalti village of the Gupis Valley, is a 20-30 min drive from Gupis, and was formed when the river water stopped at the plain. It is a significant source of fresh water and is well known for being a trout fish. This lake usually freezes in winter. It is about 30-70 feet deepand local residents arrange football tournament during winter although it’s dangerous to play on the frozen surface.

Khalti Lake

Visit Stone circles of megaliths

Jonh Biddulph was the first to report to megalithic graves in Gupis. Near the town of Gupis, these megalithic are present which are still in a good state.

stone circles of megaliths


Chartoi is located in Cheermayoun of Gupis Valley. It is known as Fairy Gate and is a rock-shaped door with a gorgeous structure. There are many stories associated with this gate. The famous myth is that a fairy mother used to live inside the fort. It was a trend there, that when a girl is getting married, she has to sacrifice a hen in front of the gate while passing by it. This trend is continued as it was. The local people, sacrifice an animal mostly a goat or a hen whenever there’s any festival or any family function. They believe that if anyone doesn’t follow this trend, they may go through psychological and mental disturbance. Previously, women were not allowed to wear red-colored dresses. The new generation of the area ignores these superstitions, however, elderly people strongly believe this

chartoi gupis

Have chai in someone’s home

The people are very hospitable. It’s their culture to offer you tea and food at their homes. There boiled eggs with tea are amazing.Sit with local women, and just laugh, and the young girls will play the role of translators.

foods of gupis

Language, culture, and religion in Gupis Valley

The people of Gupis valley are peaceful, hospitable, shy and polite. It is a multi-ethnic valley, and two major languages are spoken: Shina and Khowar.Villagers of the valley earn their livelihood through the cultivation and farming of animals. Majorities are Ismailia Muslim, the followers of His highness Prince Karim Aga Khan. However the Shia Muslim and Sunni Muslim are also present. The elders are illiterate but the youngers are well educated. Co-education is common in this valley.

Mobile and internet service in Gupis Valley

Zong, Scom, and Telenor are operating in Gupis Valley, but SCO is the only network providing data service at very expensive rates. The data services of Scom are somehow better than other valleys like Yasin, Ishkoman.


Local guides in Gupis Ghizer

If you are looking to explore Gupis valley, spend at least six days over there. Then, go hiking with local tour guides. I met the best advisor who helped me to explore the whole valley. Arif Ali is an inhabitant of Gupis valley associated with the tourism industry. He is the best guide who knows all the borders and, he many times traveled different tacks in his past five years in the tourism, he has guided many local and international tourists and has a good record.

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