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traditional food in ghizer

Ghizer food secrets 2022

Ghizer food secrets

When we talk about the Ghizer food secrets it is well known that Ghizer Valley is home of organic foods.Some of the very popular food are listed following


It is a pure organic food and it has no roots in the other parts of Pakistan.In Ghizer valley during winters people slaughter halal animals and keeps its meat for  drying for 30 plus days and cook them gives and another level of taste. They prepare Kadahi and other meat dishes from it.Local people and tourist like this food the most in winters.

Nasalo biryani is also very tasty and very popular

nasalo in Ghizer

Trout Fish

The second Ghizer food secret is its trout fish.Ghizer Valley;Phander,Khalti ,Yasin ,Ishkoman and Punial all are producing the trout fish. The trout fish is the supreme quality fish among the fish family. This fish is poplar and people prefer it the most due to bone free meat in it.

trout fish in ghizer

The Organic Vegetables

The land of Ghizer is very fertile and Rich in the crops of all types of vegetables and salads.Out of which the local people of Ghizer district produce very good taste vegetable dishes, which are very popular among locals and the tourist, It remains demand of the tourists to serve them with the vegetables.Tomato,Potato and other green vegetables are very popular.

The food from Milk

The people in Gilgit Baltistan and particularly in Ghizer district have agricultural land and they have animals like cow, goat and sheep to fulfill the needs of Milk.Out of this milk they make many delicious foods and that is a big Ghizer food secrets.Among them Mulda,Mamo dawdaw,Mool are very popular.Out of this milk people produce pure butter and cheese.

milk made food


Sharbat is a very popular dish and people made it in big occasions like marriage ceremony .It has quite complex recipe but the thing they mix to make are the following

  • Special type of floor
  • Butter

This take 2-3 hours to be prepared. They boil the butter oil and the mix the floor with it.Eating it with meat gives another level of taste.You can eat this with tea too but it should be salt tea not the sugar tea.

Watch the complete recipe and making process of sharbat here in this Video.


Lajak is very old traditional food of Ghizer Valley. It is also made on the special occasions like marraiges,Eid and Salgirah or we can say on any happy occasion. The recipe of it is complex but same like sharbat we have to mix boiled butter with special floor.

Other than the there are many Ghizer food secrets.Each part of ghizer has many different dish like some dish are made in punial but not in Yasin.Other are very famous in yasin and ishkom but not in Punial.

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