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Emerald stone

Emerald Stone the Origional Gemstone

Emerald Stone the Origional One

Emerald stone , which is among the most precious stones in the world, has also been a guest of legends throughout the ages. It is possible to say that it is among the 4 most precious stones. So, what is emerald , how is it formed? What are the features , meaning and benefits of natural green emerald stone ? Here’s what you need to know.

Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby are the 3 most precious stones in the world. Emerald stands out as the fourth stone. Other stones other than these are expressed as semi-precious stones. This special stone, which has been used as a jewel for centuries from ancient times to the present, is also valued in many jewelry and ornaments today. It is among the most precious stones in the world with its green and bright color.

How Is It Formed?

Emerald is one of the perfect mineral varieties of the Beryl mine. It is one of the stones believed to bring peace and happiness, as well as being softer than other precious stones. It is a very precious stone with its green and transparent options and is very important especially for jewellery. It should even be said that it is among the most well-known stones in the world.

It is one of the 4 precious stones formed in the rock cavities through the sudden cooling of the lava together with the magmatic effects. In addition to its formation over millions of years, it can be said that it has a durable structure in terms of use. This special stone, which is formed together with calcite and pyrite, besides being rare, also carries crystals and small spots in its content.

What is natural green emerald stone? how does it occur?

Emerald is a green and shiny looking gemstone of beryl mineral. It is one of the 4 precious stones formed by the sudden cooling of lava and magmatic effects that occurred over millions of years. In addition to being one of the stones believed to bring happiness, it is among the most important jewels of the world in jewellery.

What are the characteristics of emerald stone?

Emeralds are rarely perfect, so they are often oiled to hide their imperfections and brighten the color. Emerald , which does not have a very high refractive and scattering power , does not shine much compared to other precious stones of close value . In addition, emerald is softer than other precious stones .Emerald is one of the most important and valuable metals in the world.

It has a very durable structure, especially since its hardness scale is at a very high point such as 7.5-8. Although it contains many different shades of green, especially grass green is the most valuable.

It is a stone mined in Colombia, USA, Africa, Pakistan, India, Australia, Colombia, Russia, Mexico and Zambia. Especially the most valuable ones worldwide are mined in Zambia.

Emerald stone, whose value is understood through its transparency, is known to be more valuable with less cracks. Therefore, when choosing, care must be taken to ensure that there are no cracks. The emerald stone, which does not shine much compared to other stones, does not have the effect of refracting and spreading the light. It should definitely be kept away from high impacts while using it. Otherwise, possible effects may cause cracks. While emerald stone also offers important benefits to human health, it is widely evaluated for therapeutic purposes.

Benefits of Natural Emerald Stone

– Strengthens the immune system. – Protects the nervous system. – Strengthens the lungs along with the heart and kidneys. – It is known as a loyalty stone and increases loyalty. – While bringing success, it gives the opportunity to get rid of the feeling of inadequacy. – Creates positive energy and strengthens the sense of gratitude towards life. – It instills a sense of love to the individual and strengthens the joy of living. – It is good against depression and has a stress-reducing effect.

It is a special stone that can be used as an ornament along with jewelery or various jewelry options. The important thing is to get support from an expert when choosing.

How do we know if the emerald is real?

  • Look for imperfections through a magnifying lens or jeweler’s loupe.
  •  Check for a luminous effect.
  • Check the  Colors. 
  • Inspect the surfaces for wear.
  • Check the layers.
  • View the emerald through a dichroscope.
  • Further more watch the video to know how to differentiate between real and fake emerald stone

What are the emerald prices?

The prices of ermald stone varies from 6 $ upto 1000$. Check out the collection below

10 best emerald stone rings

Here is the collection of 10 best emerald stone rings with picture ,price and shop link

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