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Black Tourmaline Stone

Black Tourmaline Stone The tourmaline – a multicolored mixed crystalTourmalines belong to the tourmaline group, a group of silicate minerals. The name of the gem comes from Sinhala. The word turamali means “stone of mixed colors”. Corresponding to this name, the gemstones of the tourmaline group come in a wide variety of colors.Characteristics and color […]

Raw Sapphire Stone

Sapphire (Neelam stone)  The sapphire(Neelam stone) – its purity and its cut In general, a sapphire is considered to be of high quality if it is highly transparent and therefore sparkles enchantingly. An exception, however, is clouded gemstones, which have unusual optical effects such as chatoyance or asterisms. The type of cut chosen for a […]

original topaz gemstone

Topaz stone-The original gemstone

Topaz stone is a very pure gemstone Topaz stone is a crystal that expresses the principles of truth and tolerance. It is a symbol of chastity, happiness, true friendship and hope. He believes it helps us find our true purpose and destiny in life. The topaz crystal is also known to have the power to […]


Why diamond scratches diamond?

Why diamond scratches diamond? Scientists have long puzzled as to why diamond, the hardest material in the world, can be ground using diamond – after all, the grinding material usually has to be harder than the material to be ground. Now German researchers have deciphered the process.German researchers have found out why diamond can be […]

yaqoot stone

Yaqoot Stone the Origional Gemstone

Yaqoot stone the origional gemstone Yaqoot stone is among the precious and rare stones mentioned together with diamond, emerald and sapphire, which are among the precious stones in the red color scale. Here is what you need to know about the origional yaqoot stone.One more thing thar Yaqoot is also known as Ruby in English,So […]

Emerald stone

Emerald Stone the Origional Gemstone

Emerald Stone the Origional One Emerald stone , which is among the most precious stones in the world, has also been a guest of legends throughout the ages. It is possible to say that it is among the 4 most precious stones. So, what is emerald , how is it formed? What are the features […]

Gemstones in Gilgit Baltistan

Gemstones In Gilgit-Baltistan

 Gemstones in Gilgit Baltistan Gilgit Baltistan has blessed with the variety of gemstones .Most of the part of the Gilgit baltistan is mountainious name and world second highest mountain K2 is also in Sakardu Pakistan. Gilgit-Baltistan is unique and famous worldwide, not only for its diverse culture but also for its unique geography. It is covered […]

feroza stone

Feroza stone turquoise stone

What is feroza stone? Feroza stone (Turquoise) is one of the rare gemstones with an attractive appearance, which contains certain percentages of hardness, and it can be worn without changing its color or beauty and is included in the list of semi-precious stones. , turquoise stones copper composed of copper fumes, and is the Egyptian ancient […]