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Beautiful places in America

One of the pleasures that feed the body, the soul and the spirit are definitely the trips, which invite you to know extraordinary places in the world. They are so rich in diversity of cultures, colors, and of course flavors, that we don’t know where to start.

America is a continent so special and wonderfully full of magic, that you will love seeing places that you never imagined existed, and if the trip is shared, even better.

Why travel to America?

It represents a great challenge to get to know the cities of this amazing continent, full of unparalleled modernist architecture and at the same time find yourself within a few hours with nature at its best. You can’t ask for more when planning your pleasure trip.

A whole continent full of history, kindness, smiles, lakes, beaches, cities, magic, literature, dance and many other benefits that give the perfect argument for why travel to diverse America.

She is ready to open her heart to you without asking you anything in return, only allowing to give you the best experience you can have.

People are asking these question in the travel discussion forums about USA.When you decide to undertake the project of traveling, just thinking about it begins to have an effect on your body. You begin to feel an energy that surrounds you and fills your environment with positivity.

Now is the time to plan that dream trip, so it is extremely important to know the ideal places you can visit, be it cities, parks, monuments and natural environments that make it easier to decide and organize yourself.

Here we offer you a list of the 50 places you must visit in America, an experience that you cannot miss. Let’s get started:

1.- Ushuaia, Argentina

This beautiful place is considered the southernmost city in the world, it has a varied climate and spectacular panoramic landscapes. It is the only Argentine port on the Pacific and is the capital of the province of Tierra de Fuego.

Its name comes from the yagán language and means deep bay or bay at the bottom, a beautiful place to visit. A unique place where you can find: the Martial Winter Complex, End of the World Train, Tierra del Fuego National Park, among many others that you will have to discover while inside.

2.- Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is considered the great cosmopolitan capital of Argentina, where you can find in the center, the emblematic Plaza de Mayo, surrounded by imposing 19th century buildings, including the Casa Rosada, the iconic presidential palace that has several balconies.

Another town that you can visit is La Boca, callejos del caminito and la bombonera, this is a working-class neighborhood that has shops, shops and street artists that you can visit. And if you like, you can also go to the obelisk, the colon theater and even the recoleta cemetery, all of them spaces worthy of a tour.

3.- Bogotá, Colombia

The imposing city of Bogotá, has a varied architecture between the very modern and the old colonial. We are talking about La Candelaria, in its center you will find the neoclassical Colón Theater and the San Francisco Church of the 17th century. You will find popular museums such as the Museo de Botero, Museo del Oro, which contains pre-Columbian gold pieces.

The Zona Rosa neighborhood is famous for its cafes, bars, restaurants and designer shops, a dream for those who like to shop and enjoy gastronomy and dancing.

4.- Lima, Peru

Having a wide commercial, tourist, gastronomic, cultural activity, accompanied by kilometers of wonderful beaches, are just some of the benefits that this splendid city offers. It combines modernity and history in its buildings and structures.

Visiting emblematic neighborhoods such as Miraflores and San Isidro, mean entering a lot of nightlife and festivities, accompanied by the enjoyment of its gastronomy, appreciated as one of the best in the world with its approximately 400 typical dishes. 

The Basilica and Convent of San Francisco, the Plaza Mayor and the Cathedral of Lima stand out, being excellent options to soak up the place.

5.- Santiago, Chile

It is rated as the third city in South America with the best quality of life. It is modern, competitive and very safe, it also has natural places ideal for recreation and relaxation.

If you decide to visit it, you will find buildings such as the Palacio de la Moneda, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Economy, among others. In about 15 minutes you will run into the Plaza Arma, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago and more.

And if you long to have contact with nature, you will discover in a timely manner the Santa Lucía Hill, adorned with facades, fountains and stairs, in addition, the San Cristóbal Hill that represent the highest point of Santiago.

6.- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The most beautiful of the cities in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro located in the southeast of the country, is the second most populated city. It is located on three large stones, which are: Piedra Blanca, Piedra de Gericino and Piedra de la Tijuca, which are covered with beautiful Atlantic vegetation.

There are areas that you can visit such as: Copacabana, the one spoiled as the best in the world, Ipanema, Botafogo and Flamengo, within the best known, to enjoy its gastronomy and part of its crafts. Of course you cannot miss seeing the Christ the Redeemer located on the peak of the Corcovado mountain, classified as the largest Art Deco statue in the world.

7.- Los Roques, Venezuela

Federal dependency made up of several islands in the Lesser Antilles belonging to Venezuela. It is a small and beautiful paradise on earth, where you will enjoy succulent sea cuisine and feel pleasure at its best.

If you wish, you can enjoy kayak, sailboat, rowing boat and catamaran rides (a limit of 80 feet in length is imposed throughout the park), you can also practice windsurfing, diving or scuba diving without tanks, sport fishing with a rod, bird watching and walking tours.

If it is not paradise, what else can it be? Everything ready for a spectacular rest with its accommodations and attention, a wonderful place.

8.- Montevideo, Uruguay

Despite being a small country, Uruguay has a wide diversity of tourist destinations to enjoy and Montevideo is one of them. It is the capital and of course the most populated city in Uruguay, classified as the city with the best quality of life in South America.

You can enjoy the Peatonal Sarandí with its various shops and art galleries, Avenida 18 de Julio, with its monuments and historical buildings, the ostentatious Carrasco and Pocitos neighborhoods, where you will discover some of the most beautiful beaches in the city and you will also travel through the symbolic Rambla de Montevideo, bordering the coast of the Río de la Plata.

9.- Asuncion, Paraguay

It is the capital and main cultural center of Paraguay, you will hit the Church and museums such as the Godoi Museum, the National Pantheon of Paraguayan heroes, such as Francisco Solano López. Another interesting place is the Palacio de los López (presidential palace) and the Ignacio A.

If the contact you plan is with the environment, you can go to the Botanical Garden and Zoo of Asunción, made up of two Museums, one of Natural and Indigenous History and Herbarium. Finally, it will be time to tour the bay of Asunción, it is located on the northern limit of the city of Asunción.

10.- Guadalajara, Mexico

It is located in western Mexico, in an area known as the Atemajac valley and is the most populated in Jalisco, being one of the most interesting destinations to visit in the Aztec land, it contains everything that this country is.

You can find, from modernity and avant-garde with beautiful shopping centers, to churches and colonial architecture that marked an era. It is also appreciated for its gastronomy.

In its surroundings you can discover the beautiful towns of Tequila, the birthplace of Mariachi Cocúla, Chapala and the museums in Guadalajara, which are an extension of the cultural infrastructure of this city.

11.- New York, United States

¨The capital of the world¨, it keeps so many secrets to tell and places to know such as Chelsea Market, spending a night in Times Square, visiting the new New York metropolitan transport station “The Oculus, walking through Central Park and of course , see the imposing statue of liberty.

Another unmissable place is the Rockefeller Center, which has 19 buildings, as well as the American Museum of Natural History, these are just some emblematic places of an endless range of options.

12.- Toronto, Canada

It stands out for being one of the safest cities in the world, you can watch its inhabitants stroll quietly at two in the morning. We recommend you to walk through the huge Montreal Underground, a series of tunnels full of shops that connect with several subway stations, as well as visit the Botanical Garden

If the challenge is more adventurous, there is the possibility of hiring excursions to Mont Royal, where you will find a park and a huge illuminated cross.

13.- Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

It is the paradise where you find the most beautiful beaches in the entire Dominican Republic, adorned with white sands and lush palm trees that invite you to enjoy calm waters and impressive reefs.

In this area you can glimpse a wide number of hotel options, since it is its main source of income as a tourist area. On the way to the hotels or beaches, you can find small towns and typical places of Dominican fishermen, really feeling their way of life. You will hallucinate and you will be moved with such beauty.

14.- Washington, United States

His name was awarded in homage to the first President of the United States George Washington. This beautiful city has countless tourist sites such as the White House, the famous Washington Memorial Monolith, Lincoln’s, the Pentagon, the Capitol, the Arlington Cemetery.

All and many other places are in the enormous expanse that they call the National Mall. To visit it is to fall in love.

15.- Barbados

It is one of the three countries that make up the Caribbean Islands, this beautiful island is well developed in hotel services and has attractions such as diving, surfing, windsurfing and walks for visitors.

It has restaurants where you can taste typical and international food, as well as stroll through the artisan fairs and prestigious shops on the main street of Broad Street. Queens Park is a great draw for its cleanliness, as well as housing a theater and an excellent gallery.

16.- Bahamas

This paradise island is made up of 29 islands, 661 keys and 2,387 islets, what more could you ask for, a dream destination with white sand beaches and an unsurpassed color of the sea.

If what you like is sailing, sailing, snorkeling, fishing and kayaking, this is definitely the best place in the world to do all these activities. In case you are more daring, you can swim with manta rays and dolphins or simply relax at the resort or a hotel, you have all the time and the alternatives, you have.

17.- Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago

Caribbean country made up of two islands, its capital Port of Spain, characterized by wonderful carnivals that animate with soca and calypso music, is surrounded by green hills and beautiful beaches. You can find in Trinidad, cathedrals and mosques, bazaars and modern skyscrapers that share the same street.

Pitch Lake is a 36 hectare natural phenomenon, this extensive lake constitutes a surface deposit of naturally formed asphalt.

18.- Saint Lucia

Another beautiful island of volcanic origin, it is part of the Lesser Antilles and is an island surrounded by 158 kilometers of coastline. One of the places that you cannot miss in Saint Lucia is Derek Walcott Park, in Castries, where there is a bust of the Nobel Prize winner in economics, Saint Lucian William Arthur Lewis.

South of Castries you will come across Marigot Bay, a dreamy little bay with several vacation resorts, private residences and restaurants, all for the explorer.

19.- Mar del Plata, Argentina

The sea is one of everyone’s favorite, and if you are in Argentina you can enjoy the beaches in Mar de Plata, just a few hours from Buenos Aires you will have the perfect destination for the summer, sand, beach and delicious cuisine. This area has more than 300 hotels available for its visitors, walks, excursions and more.

20.- Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Considered the most romantic city in all of Colombia, Cartagena brings together history, architecture, beautiful restaurants, hotels and warm people, which make this an ideal place to meet.

One of its special places are the beaches, with a wide variety. One of them is the Boca Grande Beach, very close to the center, easily accessible and close to the hotels. You can also request to be taken to the Totumo Volcano, where you can relax, take a mud bath and receive an anti-stress massage that will renew you to continue with your routine.

21.- Quito, Ecuador

Officially known as San Francisco de Quito, it is the capital of Ecuador and the most populated city in the country, as well as being the oldest in South America.

In this beautiful city you can discover places to visit, such as the Cotopaxi National Park, which is the second highest peak in the capital, in addition, you can see the white top of the volcanic mountain.

 A unique experience to experience is when you find yourself in the center of the world.

22.- La Paz, Bolivia

This city is the political, cultural and financial center of Bolivia, it is the third most populated city in the country, the climate is temperate high mountains, in it you will find impressive places such as the road of death, where you can descend by bicycle accompanied by expert guides who will make this experience very safe despite their name.

On this tour you will be able to visualize landscapes such as mountain peaks, up to the tropical forest. Then it is worth visiting the Moon Valley, this desert is one of the driest in the world, it offers you a natural beauty that at times will make you feel like you are on the moon.

23.- San José, Costa Rica

This city is the capital of Costa Rica and its name is given in honor of José de Nazaret, earthly father of Jesus and husband of Mary. It has a temperate climate due to the altitude and the breezes it receives from the coasts.

If you want to know about the past of Costa Rica, the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum is a great alternative, where you will see a fantastic gold sample, and then visit the Tenorio Volcano and Arenal Volcano national parks, in which you will enjoy rivers, lakes and forests.

24.- São Paulo, Brazil

Known as the city that never sleeps, it is the most economically developed center. You can find all the stores open at dawn and the night parties worthy of total enjoyment.

São Paulo is one of the great centers of culture, entertainment, fashion and business worldwide, in that sense, you can visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, have a general panoramic view of the city from the Copan Building, you can also get to the Monument to the Flags and the São Paulo Art Museum on Avenida Paulista.

25.- Margarita, Venezuela

The pearl of the Caribbean is located southwest of the Caribbean Sea and northeast of Venezuela, along with Coche and Cubagua, it constitutes the only island state in this country, called Nueva Esparta State, being the most important tourist attraction in Venezuela.

In it you can find forts, castles and fortresses, as well as churches marked by history. It has paradisiacal beaches full of white sands, with waves, calm and crystalline. Its unsurpassed landscapes fill your spirit with joy.

The island has high-end hotels, from cheap inns to five stars.

26.- Quebec, Canada

If you like to enjoy quiet environments with a setting in the best French style, Quebec is the ideal place. It has hundreds of quiet corners and squares where you can have coffee and eat a sweet, with streets that have street artists, singers or acrobats.

You cannot miss Old Quebec, a place where you will enjoy centuries of architecture, as well as impressive churches and chapels.

In case you want another type of entertainment, you can come across art and gastronomy, a destination that has it all.

27.- Jamaica

Covered with lush tropical vegetation, we are presented with Jamaica, one of the Greater Antilles. If you want to know it, you can get to New Kingston, a safe area full of hotels and restaurants, where you will find the Bob Marley museum, the king of reggae.

You will also be able to appreciate the beautiful Hope and Castleton Botanical Gardens. On Martin Street is Cecil’s Restaurant, one of the most visited.

Montego Bay is a perfect place for the western tourist where you will discover, restaurants, luxury hotels, shops, golf courses and nightlife.

28.- Puerto Varas, Chile

Nestled on the shores of Lake Llanquihue, in Chile, with architecture with a clear German influence, since its foundation it has been oriented towards tourism. You can enjoy excursions and walks in the open air that allow you to admire the natural beauties that this beautiful place has.

In winter, activities are carried out at the Osorno Volcano Ski Center. This place has two state-of-the-art chairlifts and two means of towing, cafeteria and restaurant services, and it also has about 20 hotels available to serve visitors.

You will lack nothing in your stay, and you will not even want it to end.

29.- David, Chiriqui, Panama

It is located in the extreme south-west of this country, it is the main agricultural producer of the Republic of Panama, especially coffee and also recognized as the great exporter of the grain.

In this mountainous area there are amazing landscapes such as thoroughbred farms, canyons, cattle ranches and charming climates. The name of chiriqui means ¨Valle de Luna¨ in the indigenous language, it stands out for its indigenous manifestations of the isthmus, such as the barrel cultures, emphasizing the stone monoliths.

Panama is a country with a diversity of places, landscapes, cities and natural places that invite you to visit them.

30.- Belo Horizonte, Brazil

This beautiful city in Brazil is the capital of the State of Minas Gerais. With a geographical area of ​​about 330 km², it offers diversity at the level of landscapes, mountains and lowlands. It is located in the central area of ​​the state 716 km from Brasilia, surrounded by the Sierra del Curral.

What makes the difference in the city center is the variety of architectural styles that are present, such as the building of the Court of Justice, the luxury of the Automobile building, the Acaiaca building, among others. You can also enjoy the Museum of Arts and Crafts, as well as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Bon Voyage.

Endless possibilities await you in this dream tourist destination.

31.- Bariloche, Argentina

The beautiful town is located in the Huapi National Park, in the province of Rio Negro, it is one of the most visited destinations by local and foreign tourism, it has dreamlike views, mountains, rivers, lakes and forests that cover large volcanoes.

Its architectural view, very much in the style of Europe, product of the German migration together with the excellent gastronomy, make this square the perfect place to vacation.

32.- Popayan, Colombia

Noted for its incomparable whiteness, this city is characterized by having most of its buildings painted in white, accompanied by its showy and imposing colonial architecture.

If you decide to visit it, we advise you to do it during Easter seasons, this is because its celebrations are considered masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity, and also as the UNESCO city of Gastronomy, so This would end up being a good way to get to know its people and their customs.

33.- Spotted Lake, Osoyoos, Canada

This amazing natural wonder is a must see if you go to Canada, it is located in the Okanagan Valley, in the small town of Osoyoos. The phenomenon is produced by the high concentrations of minerals and is seen in its greatest splendor during the summer, where green, blue, white and yellow spots are seen.

Fully guaranteed attraction and named as the magical lake of Canada.

34.- Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

City founded in 1496 by Bartolomé Colón. It is the capital of the Dominican Republic, in its historic center is the colonial city, where there is a considerable amount of historical museums. This was the first city to be founded in America.

It is essential to delight in visiting its imposing cathedral with its Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance style that make it special, not for whatever reason it is the first built in America. The so-called capital of the americas has a bit of everything to reveal, restaurants, music, excellent services and shops, all in one place.

35.- Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

If your planning is to take a vacation as a movie star or famous millionaire, this is the ideal place to do it. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is an archipelago of the Lesser Antilles, divided into 32 beautiful Islands and Islets that are located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

In it you can find luxurious villas, where you will be able to enjoy crystalline beaches and white or black sands of the volcanic coasts. Diving is one of the favorite entertainments, since it is possible to observe a variety of marine species such as: jellyfish, seahorses, anemones and some beautiful reefs in the Coral Bay areas.

36.- Michoacán, Mexico

Beautiful colonial city of Michoacán, home of the Monarch butterfly in the Biosphere Reserve. In this wonderful place you can enjoy a walk through the Calzada de Fray San Antonio, the Casa de las Artesanías and the Michoacano Regional Museum. When deciding to stay in a hotel, it has a varied range.

It has various colonial architectural structures, for which it was declared by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity, among these buildings can be found, the Historic Center of the city of Morelia, Cathedral of Morelia (1660 to 1744), Temple and Ex- Convent of the Roses, Temple of Santa Catalina de Siena, among many others.

37.- Encarnacion, Paraguay

Colorful, noisy and striking city, which is located 361 km from Asunción and 25 km from Carmen, it is always reached by national route No. 1. It is appreciated as a model city par excellence and gives the feeling of being another country within Paraguay It is for this reason that it is inexpensive, but it ends up being worth it.

It has a 27 km walk along the Paraná River, in addition to offering a special beach with excellent cuisine, calm waters accompanied by excellent sand and an impressive view of sunsets.

38.- Panama, Republic of Panama

It is the capital of the Republic of Panama and the most populated in the entire country, it has innumerable tourist places that range from museums and beaches, to ancient monuments.

One of its main sources of income is the Panama Canal, an imposing work of interoceanic navigation between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, it is considered one of the great works of world engineering of the 20th century.

There are beautiful parks, such as the Omar Torrijos Recreational Park, located in the center of the metropolis, the Caminos de Cruces National Park 15 km from the city, the Botanical Garden and the Wildlife Refuge. Inescapably and as a natural artist that you are, you will know how to appreciate the Museum of Contemporary Art, among other fantastic places.

39.- Boston, United States

City that offers plans to please all visitors, in addition to being a pioneer of the country and famous for the role played during the independence of the United States. It offers you fantastic places to meet and recreate. For those who like to shop, they can visit the Back Bay neighborhood .

In case you require a more extensive experience, there are a variety of tours to different places in this charming city that never disappoints.

40.- La Paloma, Uruguay

Tourist spa located in the southern area of ​​the department of Rocha, ideal for vacationing if the beach and nature is your thing. It has a beautiful 22 kilometer stretch of beach, surrounded by some of the most beautiful places in Uruguay.

It is worth highlighting among its natural beauties, the Laguna Rocha, which covers about 70 square kilometers, declared a “Biosphere Reserve”. There are beaches for all tastes, with and without waves, also with rocks and deep, among them we can emphasize the Balconada, very famous for its unsurpassed sunsets.

41.- Niagara Falls, Canada

When observing this prodigious area, you feel that you are observing where the earth was born, surrounded by vegetation and beautiful waterfalls, all a natural splendor that you can know. You will find guided boat trips that will bring you closer to the famous falls so that you have a closer contact with them.

Famous for being the setting for countless movies and series, they constitute the ideal natural recreation, and they are also located right on the border with the United States.

42.- Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Totally and absolutely the glory, crystal clear waters, perfect tropical vegetation, unparalleled attention and services, what more can we ask for, if you thought of something else, they also have it. Honolulu is located in the bay of the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

In it you can visit the Pearl Harbor Bay, the USS Arizona Memorial wall of names and also the Polynesian Cultural Center. On the other hand, festivals such as the floating lantern or the Annual Ukulele Festival are at your disposal, being a splendid place where you can complement all kinds of emotions and sensations.

43.- Granada

It is the second smallest independent country in the Western Hemisphere, it is located in the southeastern part of the Caribbean Sea. It is known as the “Island of Spices”, since it is a natural source of cinnamon, nutmeg, masis, cloves and ginger. In this beautiful island you can find natural attractions, parks and gardens in the “Botanical Garden of Palm Tree Gardens”.

This destination has great restaurants, tours and guided diving for visitors, an experience that will allow you to enjoy the blues.

44.- Caracas, Venezuela

Capital of Venezuela, cultural, political and economic center of the nation, it is located in the north central coastal region of the country, it has a colonial center where you can visit the house of the Liberator Simón Bolívar, the Cathedral of Caracas and the municipal theater. In addition to knowing the National Pantheon, where the remains of Bolívar are found.

It has high-end hotels and shopping centers, which allow you to enjoy the country’s own gastronomy, and entertainment venues. There are parks and squares available to walk around and get to know, such as Los Caobos Park, Los Próceres, Plaza Francia, among others.

45.- Antelope Canyon, Arizona, United States

One of the most impressive places in the world and when I say impressive it is that it looks like another planet, it is definitely Antelope Canyon, known as a narrow canyon. This wonderful geological formation was perforated due to the passage of water currents for thousands of years, its walls can reach 40 meters in height.

The passage of light, the curves and colors of the rocks as if it were a fabric, make this natural wonder perfect for adventure and photography.

46.- Easter Island, Chile

It is a volcanic island in Polynesia and the main tourist destination in the country, due to its incomparable natural beauty and its mysterious ancestral culture of the Rapanui ethnic group, in it you can see its impressive stone statues known as ¨moais¨, with an extensive exhibition that gathers some 900 statues that amaze and shock the tourist.

It has landscapes, grassy fields, lava fields, cliffs in the sea and white sand beaches, where you can enjoy activities such as: zip-lining, cave snorkeling, horseback riding, and more.

47.- Antigua, Guatemala

Historically and officially known as “Very Noble and Very Loyal City of Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala”, it is located 25 kilometers west of the capital of Guatemala and at an altitude of 1470 meters above sea level. You can visit Tikal, a city rich in ancient culture, showing spectacular Mayan ruins, surrounded by an incomparable natural beauty.

In the case of an adventure walk, you can go to the Pacaya Volcano, where there are tour guides that can take you to the top, a place where you can appreciate the active lava fluids. In contrast, after this adventure you can go to Lake Atitlán to swim.

48.- Chicago, United States

The third most populous city in the United States, known as “The City of Winds”. We find this great and majestic metropolis adorned with superb skyscrapers, impressive museums that are estimated at about 400, of which we can recommend: Campus Chicago Museum, Chicago Cultural Center and Field Museum of Natural History. You will also have access to beautiful art rooms and some 200 theaters such as: Cadillac Palace Theater, Auditorium Theater, Bank of America Theater, Chicago Theater, among others.

As not everything happens through culture, its high-quality gastronomy has a Michelin guide. All served for your delight.

49.- Ottawa, Canada

The capital of Canada, a very simple and beautiful city. It is the fourth largest city in the country and in it you can visit: the Rideau Canal, to do ice skating, navigation and river, everything depends on the season of the year. The Canadian Museum of History, The Parliament Building with Victorian architecture and the National Gallery of Canada with appreciable collections of Amerindian art.

You can enjoy in the months of July and August light shows every night in the Parliament garden, this is just an opening of a myriad of alternatives. You can not lose this.

50.- Cuzco, Peru

Cuzco has lots of wonderful places full of convents, churches, archaeological sites, stories, and much more. One of the emblematic ones is the Inca Trail, which takes you several days to reach the Machu Picchu citadel, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, since this city in the Peruvian Andes was the capital of the Inca empire.

In this place you can also visit and find the Sacred Valley, known as the Urubamba Valley, it is a green area fed by several rivers and many archaeological finds.

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