The most beautiful area of ​​Gilgit-Baltistan is Ghizer with its lush green valleys, sky-scraping mountains, blue skies and the trout fish found in its clear and transparent waters invite the tourists. In the most beautiful area of ​​Ghazar district, Phinder, which is a piece of paradise on earth, thousands of tourists camp in this paradise-like valley every year. Phunder is a three-hour drive from the Ghazir district headquarters, Gahkoch. Located at an altitude of 8,500 feet above sea level, this most beautiful area is also called Chhota Kashmir. 
In addition to PTDC hotels, there are government rest houses and about half a dozen hotels in the valley. In addition, more than a dozen guest houses have been built by the people here for the tourists so that the tourists who come here do not face any difficulty in terms of accommodation. The people of Ghazar district are very naive and hospitable. The crime rate in this district is almost non-existent while the literacy rate is over 90%. This valley is also called the land of martyrs and conquerors. Thousands of Sputs are defending the country. 

Phander Ghizer in summer

Kargil hero Shaheed Lalak Jan (Nishan Haider) also belongs to the same district. Due to the pacifism of the people here, millions of tourists visit this area every year and after staying here for many days, they return to their areas with good memories. Another special thing about Phandar Valley is that About half a dozen lakes enchant tourists here, and tourists enjoy the world's rare fish, the trout, found in these lakes. Most tourists come here and spend time by the river in tents brought with them instead of staying in hotels. If the federal government improves the condition of the Gilgit-Ghizr highway, millions of tourists can flock to the area every year and our country can be on the path of development in the field of tourism.

Phander lake GB

Apart from Ghizer district of Gilgit Baltistan, there are other areas besides Phandar Valley which invite tourists but due to poor condition of roads, the tourists face difficulties for which Gilgit-Chitral Road Construction time is of the essence. Another special feature of Phinder is that most of the tourists reach here via Gilgit and from here they reach Peshawar via Chitral and from there reach Islamabad. If any tourist reaches Gilgit from Islamabad, he returns via Gilgit. He said that he would not go to Islamabad but would reach Islamabad via Ghirr via Chitral and Peshawar, which would give the tourists a chance to see Gilgit-Baltistan as well as Chitral after staying in the most beautiful valley of Ghirr. ||

Phander Lake Ghizer

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