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20 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Gilgit Baltistan

20 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Gilgit Baltistan

Following are the 20 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Gilgit Baltistan.The tourists who come to Gilgit Baltisan must visit these places

Shigar Valley (Darya-e-Shigar)

Shigar Valley is a valley in northern Pakistan, which is irrigated by the Shigar River. From Skardu Valley to Ashkolatak, this chain is also a passage for Mount Karakoram. The water of the Sugar River is obtained from the melting of the Baltoro Glacier and the Biafo Glacier. It flows into the Shigar Valley. It is a tributary of the Indus River which joins it from Skardu Valley. Shigar is a very wide and beautiful valley located in the northern areas of Baltistan of Pakistan. It is the largest area in terms of both population and area than any district of Baltistan division. The population of Shigar starts from a village called Lamsa, at a distance of 2 km from here comes Shigar Khas.


Shyouk River Khapulo

Ghanche District of Gilgit-Baltistan is famous for its beautiful valleys and settlements. The people are very hospitable and live on the floodplains of the river. The main place in the district is Khaplo which is a charming place with high peaks, flowing blue waters, and waterfalls.
The people of this small population on the banks of the Shewak River are as passionate and loving as they were centuries ago.

Shyouk River Khapulo


The highest peak, Rakaposhi, has a unique place in terms of tourism and hundreds of climbers go on a mission to reach the top of the hill every year while a large number of citizens enjoy the trek from Rakaposhi’s trekking point to base camp. Is.
At a distance of 100 km from Gilgit, Rakaposhi is the most beautiful tourist spot of Nagar district which attracts tourists with snow.

Naltar Lake

Naltar is a valley near Hunza, Gilgit and Nomal in Gilgit-Baltistan. Naltar is located 40 km (25 miles) from Gilgit and can be reached by jeep. The Naltar Valley is divided into two parts. One lower naltra (called naltar pine) and the other naltar upper. In addition to the local population, Naltar Pine has a Pakistan Air Force base camp. In addition to the small bazaar, there are basic amenities for accommodation and food.

Naltar Lake

Darkut Valley

Darkot Valley Yasin’s last valley in Gilgit-Baltistan. Beyond Darkut is the border of Afghanistan. To get there you have to go through a glacier. The population of Darkut is short and the path is difficult. But as soon as they enter Darkut, all the fatigue disappears. The height of Darkut is eight thousand four hundred feet.

Darkut Valley

Upper Kachura Lake

Upper Kachura Lake is a freshwater lake with a depth of about 70 meters, the Indus River flows a little deeper near it, the daytime temperature here is 10 to 15 degrees Celsius in summer, and the temperature in winter. The temperature drops far below the freezing point, causing the lake water to freeze completely.

Upper Kachura Lake

Cold Desert of Sakardu

Skardu Gilgit-Baltistan has the highest desert in Pakistan. It is called the Katpana Desert – a desert but unlike other deserts, it does not consist of hot sand but has very cold weather with sand – it is the second coldest desert in the world.
There is a desert at a distance of 15 miles from Skardu Airport. it is located 13000 feet above sea level. The temperature of Katpana goes from minus 5 to minus 20 degrees – strong cold winds blow – far away No trace of the population is found. Most of the area is barren and no greenery is found in the distance. Some rare species of trees are found.

Chunda Valley

Chunda Valley is a wonderful and breathtaking valley in Skardu city which is about one hour away from the center of the city Yadgar Chowk Skardu.
The valley is situated on a high ground which offers a pleasant view through its green carpets and lush green fields and fields in summer. The valley is famous for its variety of fruits, especially seed raisins. The valley is completely self-sufficient as its fertile land allows its inhabitants to grow a variety of grains and fruits.
Chanda Valley is 50 minutes away from Skardu. Chunda Valley is also called Mini Switzerland because Chanda looks amazing in cherry blossom (April season). Domestic tourists and foreigners flock to this area to explore Bloom.

Baltit Fort Hunza Valley

Baltit Fort was built 800 years ago. It is estimated that people from Tibet, called Hunzo, settled in the area around 400 BC, and built two forts (Altit & Baltit) for their rulers.
Traveling from the famous bazaar of Karimabad you can reach Balt Fort. It is a very ancient and enchanting bazaar. And easy access to dried fruits from Karimabad Bazaar to the fort is a tiring track. A jeep is also available to take you to the fort.


Attabad Lake Gilgit Baltistan

Located 120 km from Gilgit, Lake Attabad in Gojal Valley is extremely popular for its blue, clear, and freshwater waters while its high peaks add to its beauty. Scene. No less than heaven.
People here consider themselves lucky because it is so easy to reach this unique lake.
You can even reach your destination by combining the hazards and distances of many directions to search.

Trango Towers Gilgit Baltistan

In the Gilgit-Baltistan region, a family of lofty cliffs above the Baltaro Glacier, the Trango Towers, which extends to the north of Pakistan, is also said to be involved in the most experienced general vertical climbing of rocks. Are For those who reach the highest peaks of the world, the 20,608-feet Great Taringo Tower, which is the largest vertical drop in the eastern world.

Trango Towers Gilgit Baltistan

Chaqchan Mosque Khaplu

Chaqchan Mosque is an ancient mosque located in Khapulo area of Baltistan which was founded in 1370 by the Iranian preacher Mir Syed Ali Hamdani. According to some traditions, this building was a Buddhist monastery before it became a mosque.
Jamia Masjid Chaqchan is a monument to the great spiritual revolution of Amir Kabir Ali Hamdani, located in Khapulo, the capital of Gangche district of Baltistan.

Deosai Baltistan

This beautiful desert of nature is located at a distance of 45 kilometers from Skardu city while Skardu is located at a distance of 8 hours from Karakoram Highway.
Dioasai is a vast plain spread over three thousand square kilometers where lush mountains, springs, and a plethora of beautiful flowers attract tourists. The deity’s wildlife is also its example
Be sure to keep warm jackets as well as sunblocks with you when you come to Deosai, as the scorching sun here burns the skin quickly.


Passu Cones Hunza

Passu cones is a mountain in the Hunza district of Gilgit-Baltistan. For tourists to reach the mountain, locals have built a 3 km track with government assistance, which was inaugurated with a colorful program.


Ishkoman Bridge Ghizer River

The Ishkoman Bridge is located in the Ghazir Valley in the northern part of Pakistan and with the help of this bridge, it is possible to reach the village Ishkoman of this valley. The bridge is definitely dangerous but this place is very beautiful.
This bridge is known as Denver and it is one of the longest suspension bridges in the air of Pakistan – this bridge connects Gilgit and Denver – this bridge was built almost half a century ago.

Ishkoman Bridge Ghizer River

Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit-Baltistan’s capital Nagar, about 50 km north of Gilgit, consists of 2 tehsils, with about 25 small and large villages. Hunza and Nagar used to be two separate states, and the river Hunza separate them.


Altit Fort Hunza Valley

Located in the Karimabad area of Hunza, the 1,100-year-old Altit Fort is an important part of history, with its walls, and every single item inside it containing indelible memories of the royal period. Everything is in its original state, including the royal family’s attire, the king’s court, the royal kitchen, and the prison. If you look across the river Hunza, the 700-year-old fort Baltat is also present in all its splendor.

Baltoro Glacier

The Baltoro Glacier is the longest glacier after the Arctic, located in the Baltistan region of the Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan. Its length is 62 km. The river falls into the Indus. This glacier can be reached from Skardu city.

Baltoro Glacier

Shangrila Lake

Shangrila is a beautiful tourist destination in the Skardu district of the northern province of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.
Shangrila is a charming and captivating tourist destination surrounded by the rugged mountains of the Karakoram Valley in the Kachora Valley, located in the Skardu District of the Gilgit-Baltistan Northern Province of Pakistan.
Not only the mountains but also the beautiful lakes in this area attract tourists from all over the world. One of these beautiful lakes is Lake Shangrila.


Hussaini Bridge Gojal Hunza

One of the most dangerous bridges in the world, the Husseini Bridge is located in the Gojal Valley of Hunza. Located in the village of Husseini, it is the second most dangerous bridge in the world.
The air suspension bridge was built during the British rule in the village of Shashkat in Gojal.
At the time of construction of Karakoram Highway, this suspension bridge was shifted from Shashkat to Hussaini village in 1968 on the orders of Mir of Hunza, so that access to Zarabad village on the other side of the river was possible.


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